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Smart Suggest

The Smart-Suggest page displays suggestions based on the rules defined on the Filtering & Grouping page. The grouping rule can be overridden by pressing one of the two buttons on top of the table.

Merging Suggestions Displayed On The Smart Suggest Page


Each suggestion is displayed on its regarding row and customer name, shipping address and number of orders available in the suggestion are specified. In order to see the suggestion details, the button at the end of the line should be pressed. This button shows a table under the data row. The table lists all orders and their data and is used to select orders that should be included in the merging process. By default, all orders are selected.

Suggestion Details Table

Be aware that at least 2 orders must be selected for each suggestion to be mergeable.

Suggestion Not Having Enough Orders


After selecting the orders on the suggestions tables, suggestions that should be merged must be selected. Selecting at least one suggestion displays the Merge button. by pressing this button, all selected suggestions would be merged and updated suggestions would be displayed. Merging results are available on the History page.

Suggestions Selected For Merging

Pay attention! Each suggestion is an independent merge and costs one merge!