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Mergify is a Shopify app that helps merchants organize their orders and improve customer experience by reducing shipping costs.

This documentation describes different parts of Mergify. Each page in the app is explained in detail on its corresponding docs page.

Docs Structure#

Mergify consists of different sections which work together to implement the merging functionality.

Dashboard is the main page that shows the overall statistics and orders selection, manual merging, and auto-merge activation, happen here.

A summary of all merging activities is shown in the History section.

All settings of combining orders (manual or automatic) are specified on the Settings page.

Customers would be better off if they are informed of the status of their orders and they are getting back their shipping costs. The Email Settings page gives the ability to notify customers by customized emails.

Mergify can detect merging possibilities based on the settings defined by the merchant. the Filtering & Grouping page lets you define rules for automatic merging and suggestions displayed on the Smart Suggest page.

General Instructions#

Mergify is embedded into Shopify admin in order to provide a familiar user experience for the merchants. On the top of all pages, there is a navbar that makes it possible to navigate through different sections:


On the right side of the navbar, there are two buttons:

Navbar Buttons

Docs button leads to this documentation. Plans button shows the Plans section which is used to activate and change plans.

Video Tutorial#

In this series, we will onboard you and introduce different sections of the app. This tutorial has 3 parts:

  1. General Look At Mergify
  2. Merge Settings
  3. Filtering & Grouping Settings

Watch the tutorial: