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Cash on Delivery Orders

· 2 min read

Recently, we have received some requests to support Cash on Delivery orders. Some merchants need to receive payments when the fulfillment system delivers products to the customer. This is not feasible when orders are marked as "Paid".

Video Tutorial

· One min read

In order to make the onboarding process simpler for the store owners, we have published a video tutorial. It consists of 3 parts that explain different sections of the app, merge settings, and filtering and grouping settings.

Improvements in settings

· One min read

Mergify had settings pages regarding merging, filtering/grouping rules, and email. These settings were placed on different pages that made reaching them difficult. Also, there was an ambiguity about "Smart Suggest" (former "Auto Check") merge and filtering/grouping settings. Therefore we gathered all these pages into the "Settings" tab. Right now, there are merge settings pages for "Manual Merge", "Smart Suggest", and "Auto Merge". There are also separated filtering/grouping settings for "Smart Suggest" and "Auto Merge". The last section is for "Email" settings.

Automatic merging

· One min read

Good news! Automatic merge is finally here. Before rolling out this feature, merchants had to manually choose the orders they wanted to combine. With auto-merge functionality, each new order will be automatically checked against other orders and if conditions are met, they will be merged.

Auto merge#

“Auto check” groups orders based on the settings you provide and gives you the option to combine them. Automatic merge uses the same settings as "auto check" to group orders When a new order is placed, we’ll check if it can be combined with any other order in the store. If there were orders in the store that met the conditions, we’ll merge them all right there! So next time you check your orders, you can be sure you have an up-to-date order list.


To determine the conditions of which orders are viable to merge with the new one, we’ll look at “Automatic Settings”. You can add conditions and fine-tune the logic to your need

We hope by automating this process, we can help you focus on things you enjoy. As always we appreciate your feedback, as it helps us deliver a better product

Order Creating Inventory Behaviour / Draft Order Only For Preview

· 2 min read

Merge To Order#

We sent emails to the merchants who installed the app and ask them to feedback to us about app functionality and send us their suggestions. Receiving feedbacks, we found out that creating orders was disrupting the inventory by using extra items instead of the existing items on the merging orders.

Merge To Order Functionality

· One min read

Creating merged draft orders makes it possible to edit the details and then complete the draft order to create an order. When you are certain about merging settings, you can make orders directly without completing draft orders manually.

Mergify Listing

· One min read

After months of working, at last, Mergify is ready for production level and has been reviewed by the Shopify apps review team. Now you can add this app to your store:

Mergify Listing Page.